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    hangzhou Long xiang (Longchang) automobile parts Ltd., located in beautiful scenery in the ancient city of Changzhou City Jiangnan Wu Jin District high technology development zone, near Changzhou airports, the Yangtze River ports, railways, Ninghugaosu, river speed, 312 State Road and the Changzhou city into a major highway network radiating in all directions, water, land, and air tran-sportation is very convenient. Adjacent Zhejiang, Shanghai, at 1.30 Central economic district, location is very favorable. Occupies 80 acres in a garden-style factory district, a bui-lding area of 25,000 square metres in a modern plant and office and living facilities to create a good work environment and for a company of the 'people-oriented' in the develop-ment of strategies for companies over 200 employees to create 'best before we make use of' a humane environment, for the development of enterprises and their employees to build a good platform. Companies established in 1998, the main production, sales of motor vehicles seats...